The Wishmaster

10 augusti 2006

He may seem just a harmless flower
But still he holds awesome power
High up there, in his tower
The Wishmaster sees us all

Fire searing through the sky
When he calls out, it’s time to die
Where hope is given, he will fly
The Wishmaster dooms us all

He might seem small or very tall
If you have power, he will call
When you he touches, you will fall
The Wishmaster controls us all

He needs no army, he needs no fleet
His powers’ a crown, very neat
To destroy that power is one great feat
The Wishmaster’s stronger than all

We might bow and we might be kneeling
But after all, he’s just a feeling
With emotions there can be no dealing
The Wishmaster’s part of us all

He might seem powerful and all complete
But he is something you can defeat
None of his conditions we can meet
The Wishmaster’s trapped by us all


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