To kill a God

30 oktober 2006

Let me regale you a fearful tale
With steel as wood and blood as nail
To kill a God, ’tis no easy sale
Year by year and pail by pail

I stood before him in all my might
Like a sun incarnate, I dispelled the night
And declared so loudly, I would fight
For truth and justice, and what is right

But as he turned towards me, it came to be
That my heart was pounding, so suddenly
And as my body whole turned to flee
His lips, they parted, and he spoke to me

“Believe in me, it’s to no avail
Try as you might, you will fail
Say what you want or let loose a wail
I care not if me you hate or hail”

My words, they faltered, and fell to dust
My shining armor turned to rust
And then I knew, I simply must
Let go of sin, hate and lust

Hard to do, but easy to say
I knew there had to be a way
To keep my weaknessess at bay
I had no idea what price I’d pay

Pain and sorrow, thought I was dead
Through mist and shadows, I was led
Be as it may, it remains unsaid
It was the hardest path I’ve ever tread

But throughout the journey, much was shared
For fame and glory, I no longer cared
No pain and sorrow I was spared
But my burning hatred no longer flared

It still hurts to speak of, I must admit
But in my mind, something was lit
Hate and anger was replaced by wit
Whatever I thought, I was embraced by it

And in the end I came to see
That the only way to be truly free
Was to pass desire to eternity
Never again would He laugh at me

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