To Raven

22 augusti 2006

To Raven

Shining star, golden fray
Sparkling night, brightest day
I’d like to tell you, if I may
Thank you Raven, ’twas a ray

Of shining praise, to my heart
My soul and I, we’ve been apart
And though it is a little tart
It’s a golden carriage, and not a cart

I must admit, ’tis a pretty thing
That diamond heart in a silver ring
You sent to me on a golden wing
And for you now, my praise I sing

Though I’m blind, my path is paven
From darkest deeds, my soul was saven
In poetic words, I’ve found my haven
Just wanted to say, thank you Raven.

En dikt tillägnad Sahchu Raven här på Catahya.


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