11 september 2003

Life alone had nothing to give
She showed yee no reason to live

So yee spitted Her in Her beautiful face
For yee were lost in Her confusing maze

This is how it was meant to feel
When She walked on yer grave

This is how it was meant to be
When She turned Her eyes away

When they find yee in yer home
On the floor in an empty room

And a knife fixed to yer chest
Nor explanaton yee left

But nothing leaves anyone to ponder
They think, your death was no wonder

Despite, yee are not dead, yet not alive
Into the Lake of Undeath I can see yee dive

During yer last nights wander
On the bridges of London and thereunder

Yee left a visible blood-trace
leading to yer coffin so unsafe

For me, yer faithful Death, to follow
And astonish yee in yer pleasant hollow

Yee can feel that I am getting nearer
Messages from afterlife seems now clearer

Yer dreams are lost when yee begin to weep
They leave yee in yer lonely sleep

Tears falling down yer pale cheek
My poor fellow, yee are so weak


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