6 juli 2010

My voyage began in the heart of Lapland
among drumming noids and yoiking saamis.

I danced to the rythm, sang to the northern light
praised my creator and began my journey.

I lived among the flowers and the trees
I read about gurus past and present
I skimmed the shelves of fantastic libraries
and there I found the Book of Books.

It was about a man in the moon
who flew with crows, talked
with lizards and danced with Zacateca.

He jumped into an abyss
listened to the flowers
and talked with a coyote.
He was human.

The voyage continues. In the misty Andees
there is a beverage called “the black gold”;
I have drunken it – and I have seen the promised land…

I’m just a human – I’m just a human –
I’m just a human – I’m just a human being…

Every day I brew some of that fluent gold
on my Brewmatic, and dream of condors
and eagles, silver crows, and giant butterflies
with golden dust on their wings.

My collection of Castaneda books dwells safely
in my shelf. The laplandic sceneries of my youth
is always with me. The black gold is still worth seeking.

The voyage continues…


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