Watch insanity, in the eye I fall

16 maj 2007

Fall into chaos, a blank stare
Your fragile hearts breaking
Feel the stare of death’s hand
You are falling infinite
Stay your hand, son of laughter
All bridges burnt, in end hope
The silent chapter of loss
A crystal water voice
Your skin shivers and wavering will
Breathe deeply, inhale the corruption
God’s will broken, take my hand
The children of destruction
Walk on, progeny of mortals
Forever depend on your Lord
As you feel the flames
Ask yourself, to the final
In the end, when all’s lost
And weeping gives no relief
Insanity your only sanctuary
Love broke you
Flames of hatred consume you
Spite mar you
And death undo you
When all power’s undone
Your hands fallen limp
Meet my eyes
Fall into the nightmare
What is that was
And no hope remain
Walk forever blind
In the land of deranged
Your will might waver
But mine stands strong
For I am doom incarnate.

En illustration av vansinnet som besitter varje människa, vare sig vi släpper fram det eller inte.


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