Wizard’s decision of heart

23 januari 2008

Never will I confess my soul to your Gods!
Never will I raise my praise to foul lords of darkness.
Always shall I resist and repel your masters’ call.
Renegades of light cast no shadow of truth,
twist mind of men into pure evil to feed and breed madness.
For ever will my soul be a restraining stream of power to prevent their ways into men’s heart.
For all eternity will I assure a path for the God of truth’s to search your chambers for infidelity towards the light.
Never will I given in, never!
May the son of light descent to earth and reveal the truth for the deceived.
Never again shall they neglect the Prophet and the servants of light.
I shall endure until the slayers are awakened and the tasks are for filled.
Not until then shall I rest. Not until then shall I die from humanity’s boundaries.


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