Nytt BG-album

22 maj 2006

Blind Guardian kommer i början av september ut med ett nytt album, “A Twist in the Myth”.

Följande låtlista utlovas:
1. This Will Never End (5:07)
2. Otherland (5:14)
3. Turn The Page (4:16)
4. Fly (5:43)
5. Carry The Blessed Home (4:03)
6. Another Stranger Me (4:36)
7. Straight Through The Mirror (5:48)
8. Lionheart (4:15)
9. Skalds And Shadows (3:13)
10. The Edge (4:27)
11. The New Order (4:49)

Hansi har stora förväntningar på detta album och säger bl.a:
While doing the last recording steps, which traditionally are reserved for backing vocals, all songs have made a significant raise in quality. To give you a very small idea about what to expect, I tell you this: “The Edge” and “In search of the Lionheart” certainly will achieve absolute cult status within a very short amount of time.

Albumets omslag kan beskådas här.

Tack Tinarion för detta tips.


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