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The Prophecy – VII

17 maj 2015 av Vintersång

Two hours had passed since Gabriel and Katie parked in front of the castle. He had tried to talk to her, tried to make her eat something but she had walked up to her room without as much as a word. She had been lying on the bed since then, staring at the canopy in

The Prophecy – VI

17 maj 2015 av Vintersång

The two cars came to a stop in the alley behind the club. Even before they left the vehicles could Katie hear screams and fighting and she knew that whatever she had faced before, would be nothing compared to what would great them on the other side. They exited the vehicles and followed Alaric as

The Prophecy – V

26 april 2015 av Vintersång

Katie glanced around the long hallway, studying the many paintings that covered most of the wooden walls. She had been walking around for the better part of fifteen minutes and it slowly dawned on her that she would find neither her room nor Isobel, and she guessed the latter was intentional from her part. She

The Prophecy – IV

26 april 2015 av Vintersång

Katie stared at him in disbelief, not really sure if she should believe her eyes. He looked different, as if this was his true element and it made him radiate confidence in a way she had never seen. Yet, his black hair and dark eyes were the same she had seen at Inferno and the

The Prophecy – III

26 april 2015 av Vintersång

Her footsteps echoed against the walls in the empty hall, matching the rhythm of her beating heart. Her subconsiens knew where she was and where she was going, yet she was confused when she saw the circle of pillars that appeared before her. The circle got closer and closer, and she soon realized that the

The Prophecy – II

25 april 2015 av Vintersång

Katie leaned against the wall behind the club. She fiddled with the cigarette she had mooched from Melissa, enjoying the feeling of it between her fingers. There were something about cigarettes that could calm her down in ways nothing, or no one, else had ever been able to. She brought it to her lips and

The Prophecy – I

25 april 2015 av Vintersång

Katrina Wilde had managed to sneak outside, leaving the deafening music behind and she fished up a pack of cigarettes, picked the last one, crumpled the package and threw it on the ground before lighting the cigarette and inhaled deeply. She held her breath for a couple of seconds before exhaling slowly, letting the smoke

The Prophecy – Prologue

25 april 2015 av Vintersång

..When the Signs can be seenAnd the War has begunA Woman will rise from the ashesAnd through fire bring the world to its knees..– extract from prophecy no. 87 in Libro de Ludicium Dies The rain lay heavily over the city, every now and then some droplets landed on her nose and as she gazed

Mister B. Gone av Barker, Clive

9 mars 2009 av Isblad

Demonen Jakabok Botch har levt ett miserabelt liv – hans pappa Gatmuss var våldsam och aggressiv medan han mor var bister och melankolisk. När han var yngre blev han brutalt mobbad av de andra jämngamla demonerna. Han börjar planera vad han skulle vilja göra med främst sin far och sina plågoris om han hade chansen,